Cultural Connections, Regina Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting cross-cultural awareness.

Cultural Connections, Regina has been established by a culturally diverse group of dedicated volunteers.  Several of us have been involved in the cultural scene of Regina for many years and have successfully organized many high quality cultural and social events in the city.
With increased interest from the  mainstream Regina community in support of their diverse causes, the team has decided to operate from a wider platform. Not directly identifying with one country or region will provide enhanced opportunity and flexibility to cater to a variety of cultural and fund raising interests for the Regina community.

Organizational aims:

  1. Establishing and strengthening inter and intra-cultural connections in Regina and Saskatchewan
  2. Promoting arts, music, food of different cultures in the City of Regina/ province through organization and management of events
  3. Supporting various registered/ charitable organizations in Regina by participating in and hosting their fund raising events
  4. Making Regina a more vibrant cultural centre by conducting high quality and inclusive cultural activities

Cultural Connections, Regina presents- India Night in September 2017:

India Night was the most natural cultural event for the group’s first fund raiser as several experienced committee members have deep roots in the Indo-Canadian culture and have been passionately bringing the annual  India Night gala to Regina for decades. India Night is a lively celebration of Indian cuisine and entertainment with the purpose of raising money to give back to the community. Over the  years, the committee has raised about $700,000 for both local and international charities.

North Central Family Centre- Charity for 2017:

Every year the organisation picks a new grassroots charity so we can help them to achieve their goals. This year the committee has selected “North Central Family Centre” a well-deserved charity that offers children, youth & families a place to participate in educational, sport, social and cultural activities.